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Monday, June 27, 2016


Not sure about where you are, but here, it is Fan-Fucking-Tastic! Been a poopy start to summer until today. Today got it right. I am down at the library with Frizzo. We had to meet a couple of fools to collect some fetta. I'm jamming some Supercell oldies on MySpace and using the free wifi. Later, we are going to the big city to meet up with our Latino friend for some good old fashioned international diplomacy. Even later than that, back to world headquarters to finish off the studio improvements and lay some tracks. I spent a couple of hours yesterday tuning the drums and the sound is what can only be described as "tight". Also got some of those neoprene dampening pads for the top of the drums. Usually used to keep the sound down when practicing, but Frizzo loves the way they play, so we may incorporate them into a touchy-feely type slow dance song. Stay tuned. The M's took 2 out of 3 from the Cardinals over the weekend, so they are on the mend. I have gotten a shit-load done as far as getting the rest of my stuff out of the office. Then my sniveling little piss-ass of a brother can have the whole place to himself. He can work there, live there and die there. I got my boat motor back from Mage and it runs like a top. A gas powered, 2 stroke, top. Can't wait to get out on the water and do some fishing, might even have the juice to get out on the Sound and track down some salmon. Just popped into my head that we may be headed to the property, Leavenworth, and Lake Chelan over the 4th of July! I met this hippy chick on Offer-Up. I sold her my extensive Tarot card collection. Well, we got to talking, and she had some Cubensis. She was going to look into some for me. That would be perfect. Probably cannot afford to drive the motorhome, but, come to think of it, probably can't afford not to. We'll see how the money shakes out. Well, Frizzo is hangry, and just scored Shayla's EBT card. So I'm gonna make like the Republican Party and split! P.S. Fuck you to Trump and all his little flunkies.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Friday From B and Frizzo

Down at the library, listening to Supercell on Myspace, and bloggin my Goddamned ass off. That is the kind of dedicated Mutherfucker I am. You're welcome. Let's see, what's new? Oh yeah, Frizzo got robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night and 200 dollars worth of company product disappeared without reimbursement. Yeah, I guess that's the textbook definition of "robbed". We will endure. We are nothing if not dedicated. Been jammin and moving the rest of my shit to my house. Got "The Shed" all pimped out. Ready for action. Next move? The hot tub!!!! Also, I've picked out the next song for recording.....Wait for it....Out Of My Mind! Stay tuned. In other news...Fucking rain. Fucking M's. Fucking Trump. Okay, that's all the news that's fit to spit. Peace and DEATH TO TRUMP!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Myspace-Supercell Link

SUPERCELL on Myspace click HERE

WTF Happened To Summer?

The weather!?!? It's like a certain girl I often refer to. One day, sunny and 75. The next day, it pours down rain so hard, you fear for tender seedlings everywhere. I guess the solstice was Monday, so maybe I should cool down, but this was supposed to be an El Nino year! My yard is loving the rain, though. It's so pimped out the Sherriff keeps sending undercovers to try and buy a blowjob. Me and Frizzo jammed some old assed SuperCell songs today. I think I will try to resurrect one and give it a modern twist. Out is the name of the one I'm thinking of. Stay tuned to my Sound Town account. Been selling my extra shit on offer up. Made a fistful of dollars so far. Now I need some work. Plenty out there. Just need to keep grinding. A trip out to the property in Okanogan is in my near future, there has got to be some good news there. M's are tanking. Cav's won the NBA title. Hawks are looking good, got a good feeling about this year! Been laying off of the go-fast until tonight. Donald Trump is a jackass of historic proportions. I hope Clinton gets Elisabeth Warren to be VP...LOVE her! Huskies are all optimistic predictions, now all we have to do is beat Oregon.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

I sure do miss you pops. I'm on the ferry headed to Seattle to pick up Frizzo. He has been sidewalk surfing all week and would appreciate if I would let him sleep over at CVWHQ for a bit. We are going to start a few hustles this week coming up. I really need to find some work. It looks as if I may have found some landscaping, all above board, and some guerrilla gardening, for the people! I need to find some legit income streams to boost my independence from Mother. The less I depend on her, the less stress she gets worrying about me and my worrisome habits. I am about halfway done moving my shit out of the office garage. Once dickhead moves in there, I won't feel welcome at all. That's alright. I'm going to make a nice little niche for myself at Dad's property. It's a beautiful day out today. The weather has been kind of crappy for the last two weeks, after a brilliant early spring. Tomorrow is the Summer Solstice. I am feeling pretty good about the direction of the Galaxy, after a bumpy ride the last week to ten days. I was feeling mighty discouraged until yesterday. All my troubles seemed like a gang of thieves. Stealing my hope and crushing my dreams. I just kept on grinding. Now I'm on the upswing. I'm never down for long.