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Monday, December 05, 2016

I Mind...

This song needs to be re-worked. That being said, this is the original version still squatting on myspace...

I Mind from Supercell on Myspace.

In other news: THE HUSKIES MADE THE PLAYOFFS THE HUSKIES MADE THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Seahawks kicked ass but lost Earl for the season. Sales are down. It snowed here today, but caused almost zero mayhem. Trump is still a dick. Republicans are still evil. Not the cool kind of evil like moi, but the frustrating kind that all of the lemmings follow and think is patriotic. Dawgs face Alabama on New Years Eve...Biggest. Game. Ever.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'm done pouting...On with life.

So I found this delightful little angel, and she is good. Let the record show that I found her first. I am trying to be more positive and this is the beginning of my balls to the wall positivity. You've been warned!

In other news:
Happy murder the injuns day! I'm eating at Sherry's with my roommate and my girl. Hawks are definatley heating up! Dawgs are still in it. Need to beat Wazzu! The weather sucks. A trip to Arizona is in my near future. The house is slowly conforming to my vision. My evil plan for world domination is coming together beautifully! Muha ha ha ha ha ha ha a a a a a!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trump wins! Humanity is vanquished again.

So. Dawgs got beat by USC. America got beat by Trump. Tough for me to admit. Give him a chance they said. Dawgs can still make the playoffs they said. First the good news. UW is crushing Arizona State. Now the bad news. Trump is filling his cabinet with White Supremacists. Ok. Lemonade out of lemons. UW can still make the playoffs. Sorry America, that's all I got.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

My Oh My! Dawgs Eviscerate Cal!

Damn Dawg! That shit was brutal. 66-27, and IT WASN'T EVEN THAT CLOSE! These Huskies have the killer instinct that other UW teams haven't had. USC next week and a great test. If that doesn't move us into the top four they can shove the CFP rankings up their loose, calloused asses. I am itching to fight someone worthy. I'm hoping the WSU-UW Apple cup is one to remember. I'm rooting for WSU to go undefeated until the game against us. I'm guessing they will. Setting up a perfect storm of UW power VS. WSU Couging it. Fun fact: I lived at Wazzu in 1989. That's where the legend of Brad and Branden got it's glorious start. The winter of '89. Oh yeah. Spokane. The Parkade. Leather jackets. Eating moldy cheese. The news said "Don't go out today!" Good times. Good times. In other news: Val came home today. Seahawks already looking at a must win on Monday night. Cubs win it all. Frankie has worn out his welcome. Too bad too. We always had a good time, but a mutherfucker needs to pull his weight...He doesn't. Plus, the lies. I got two new PA speakers today. Peavey SP2 ti. The election is uncomfortably close. Visited Mom today. My B-Day is Monday, I'm hoping to get a Seahawks win. Brad and I had a crazy night December 4th, 1989 at the Monday Night Football game against....The Buffalo Bills. Took place in the mighty King Dome. Hawks won a thriller 17-16. Fucking poured down rain today. Cold too. Got the foose ball table taken down and put away. I'm on a historic runner, and shit is getting done yo. I'm over 500 followers on Instagram. @brandenhuff Stay tuned for more remastered Supercell joints. Trump is gonna get trucked. By a girl.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Anxiety Level Rising, Irritation Level Keeps Pace...

So, this fucking Trump thing, it just won't go the fuck away. What started as a joke, progressed to a spectacle, has ballooned into a full-blown, fucking, nightmare. Jesus Trump, do us all a favor and hang yourself in the closet while masturbating. Oh, I know. Trump only masturbates in a room full of mirrors, but a guy can wish. The thing I'm really struggling with, is my utopian vision of democracy. You know, everyone has a vote and a valid point of view. Well, I'm rethinking that. I'm starting to feel like the fucking idiots are dragging me along on their stupid idea express and God-damn it, I want the fuck off. I don't like the idea that a dumb-ass that can't extrapolate their plan to it's horrific, if not apocalyptic, bloody end, so I have to be involved while they "try" it. Just because you are too stupid to see Trump as the grifter he so obviously is, doesn't mean I should have to let him make America fucked again so that I can say "see asshole?" I'm starting to think that perhaps the intelligent 25% of our country should use this advantage to oppress the 75% of jack-asses and shut them the fuck up. It wouldn't be too hard. Oh sure, we'd have to suspend the constitution and impose some kind of emergency marshall law, but if that were ever warranted, now is the time. If that prospect makes you uncomfortable, how about dividing the country into two, and letting the conservatives govern their inland empire the way they see fit, and us liberals will run the coasts the way we want, and in 25 years, compare notes(If we haven't had to destroy them). Oh sure, they would think they had the world by the short hairs, due to their media spewing propaganda instead of news, but when they see how well our system of common sense has done for us, maybe they will come around. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I know, ridiculous. They haven't let reality intrude on their fair and balanced view of the world yet, no reason to think they ever will. I guess the only thing to do is systematically exterminate them. We'll call it a "fair and balanced" approach to the stupidity epidemic. If we wrap it in an American flag topped with shiny new Jesus-fish and play some country music in the background, serve pizza with hot dog crust, free ice cold Bud, and 'Dew for the little ones. Keep all of the participants lily white. Screen for GBLT types. Live stream it on Facebook. Bill it as, "They're going fast, so don't miss out on your chance to own your own little slice of heaven!!!!" Then send 'em to the afterlife. Good luck and goodbye!

Here is another re-mix off of my album 15 on One:

Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween

I cannot wait for this fucking election to be over. So tired of all of the lemmings following their blow-hard, ass-hole, dog-haired, liar of a presidential candidate around like beggars at a coin show. Fuck you Trump. And fuck you Trump followers. So sick of you. Go away mad. Anywho, I remastered an oldie but a goodie for All Hallows Eve. Here ya go...


Thursday, October 13, 2016

Storm Of The Century (Trump's Upset)

Soooooo many things to blog about! First order of business, my Washington Huskies! They hung 70 on the Webfoots of Oregon. Somehow we got even for 12 years of frustration in one Saturday afternoon. Excuse me Ducks, I'm just gonna use your beak as a stepping stone, I'll put my foot right here, sorry, that's it, perfect. Thanks. We now have a clear path to the playoffs. Second order of business. This storm. Started earlier today, and is predicted to wipe humanity off of the planet, or at least cause some flooding. Third order of business. The Seahawks. Bye week is over. Everybody is well rested, and a tough Atlanta Falcons team is coming in to play this weekend. I like our chances. Jimmy Grahm has 100 yards in each of the last two games, so, let's keep that streak going. Finally, and surely least, The Trumpleupppagus is vewy upset that the mean weporters are all wighting mean stuff about him. He is so disadvantaged! Just because a pushy, my-way-or-the-highway kind of guy grabbed a couple of women by the pussy, then bragged about it on tape, bragged about it on Howard Stern, bragged about it to anyone who would listen, doesn't mean that it really happened that way. No, no, it was more like this: These women were about to fall, and Trumpy saved them by catching them by the inner-inner-inner thigh, cause it all happened so damned fast. Now everyone wants to spin it to make Trumproast look like a bad, bad, man. It's all very unfair. You know what? I'm gonna drop the gratuitous sarcasm and just be real for a minute. You dig? Here goes. Trump is a bully. Plain and simple. He bullies anyone he can get away with. When he gets grabby with women, he is really just trying to dominate. He is a punk bitch. Sexual predators are the lowest of the low. I'd like to see him bully me. He is not fit to lead anything, let alone this country at this crucial time. I hope all of my many, many readers that accidentally clicked on my blog while looking for 90210 style cooking tips, will do their civic duty and vote for Hillary Clinton on November 8th, and show the world that we're not all camouflage wearing, fat, uneducated, racists that watch NASCAR and shop at Walmart. PLEASE! Put down the Dew and Vote! In other news: Living room is painted, now working on the trim. Got my hard drive caddy for the laptop, now I need an SSD. Came in second in the first poker game of the year, congrats to Smackpaka. Got my LLC paperwork done, just need the 200 bones to file. Val is going to stay with her sister tomorrow for a while. We are still going strong, it's kind of a please-the-family kind of thing. I need to step up my game in the daily work dept. Chelsea has a chaweeny that is awesome, thinking about a puppy. That's all the news I choose for yous to chews. Until next time....Peace and Hillary, Not Trumpian Chaos.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

HawkTober Yo!

The Hawks are into their bye-week and boy couldn't have come at a better time. Russle Wilson is one banged up baller. Hawks are 3-1 and looking gooooooood. Worked in the yard, in the rain, for the past couple of days. Tryin to get CVWHQ buttoned up for the long rainy winter. Pretty much gtg except for the hot tub and the bark in the flower beds. Need to get my shit off of layaway, and put Xmas shit on layaway. Got my girl back, so have to be jolly this year! Still haven't come up with a name for my company. It'll come, they always do. So many projects going, not enough hours in the mutherfucking day. Huskies play the hated Oregon Ducks this week. HUGE!!!!! Win this, and we are in the drivers seat. Window down, pedal to the metal.