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Brandensbaked...The Id of a dude in upper left 'Merica. The creative force behind "SuperCell", a BIG DEAL in the Clover Valley music scene, played guitar in "Bonedawgs", "Banner Jump", and "Musclefuzz". Is proficient in all the manly arts, such as construction, mechanics, combat gardening, and respecting women. Possibly an immortal...Time will tell.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Well into August and still no Interweb....

At the Clover Valley World Headquarters. I'll tell you, despite the obvious financial snafus, I am definitely on the mend. I've been spending time with my favorite girl! Now, I'm not gonna try and say I understand the workings of this most mysterious female's most mysterious mind, but it would appear, to my limited observational skills, that she is into me again. Maybe she is, maybe I'm delusional, either way, I'm gonna go with the flow and enjoy the moment and let the deets fall where they may. I spent the whole day today, and several hours last night working on a song. It's a story about a drug-obsessed entrepreneur, who just wants to marry great service and low prices with the black market drug trade. Now, I've been known to sling a bit, back in 2013, but any reference to illegal activities is either fiction or history. With that disclaimer, I give you this:

Be kind when critiquing my work. I donate all the moneys to BALPAC. For this and other Indi-gems, check out my soundclown page HERE
Also:Upper 90's try to save this shitty ass summer. M's are making a show of trying to get into the playoffs...We'll see if they have the juice. Hawks are looking like the shit yet again. We will be deep into the playoffs if not the big one. Dawgs are ranked 7th by SI!!! Have two of seven panels done on the new fence. The shop is 90% done. Almost done with the headliner on my truck. The bed of the truck is done, painted on liner and truck box. HotTub is on the ground, 30 feet from it's final destination. The studio is stone cold pimpin'. Too many improvements to mention in a news feed, stay tuned for an in depth report. For more Branden than you can shake your tits at, follow my Instagram @brandenhuff. That's all the news that's fit to spit...Peace and #DumpTrump

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ha Ha Happy Fryday...

Sitting down here at the office using their generous internet access to scheme and plan the world take-over I am in the middle of. Next phase? Wouldn't you like to know, Trump! Anywho, I finished, well finished is a little strong. I built most of the first section of the front yard fence I've been thinking about all summer.

G has been pushing his luck as far as my money goes. He is on his last chance....If the first comes and goes with no money....I'll turn his punk ass out. Believe it!
Got my shit outta pawn yesterday. I'm coming up quick. Need to find some steadier work. Wasting all this summer. Need to get paid! I'm headed for another business, I can feel it. Will I be able to avoid running it into the ground? Jesus, I fucking hope so. Had enough chances, Eh?
I miss my dog. Not quite ready for another one though. Well, back to the research and development of my evil empire!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Shhhhhhhhhhh! Valerie is sleeping!

Guess where I am. Evil Val's lair. Ha ha ha! Came over to deliver some of my special sauce. I'm never too far from her thoughts, and as you all know, I'm pretty well sprung on her. Not that I don't do just fine without her, cause I do. But, in a perfect circle, she's my girl. Now I'm all up in her business! Ha! I have been hella busy. Working for Petit. Doing my thing. Building a fence in the front yard. Battling those fucking moles. Built custom speaker boxes for my truck. Moving all of my shit out of the office and garage. Eating Birthday Cake Ice Cream and milk. Taking care of my fucked off face infection. Cloning my favorite plant, and considering an attempt at breeding my own strain of Purple Blaze. Not too sure about all of the details, but when has that stopped me? I have finally got my own P.A.! First, I bought some Peavey PR12's from the pawn shop for 25 bucks. They were priced at $50.00 because they didn't work. I offered $25.00 and they said sure, then helped me carry 'em out to the truck. Got em home, and one worked fine, the other, nothing. Soooooo, I took the plate off of the back, and, low and behold, the wires were unhooked. So, I hooked em back up, and, TA-DA! P, mutherfucking A! Next, I went to Guitar Center and grabbed a Behringer 502 Xenyx mixer. Got it home and discovered that it had no FX send and return, the phantom power is only 15 volts, o today, I will be trading that shit in for a 1204 Xenyx mixer and my shit will be so fucking squared away you could measure it corner to corner both ways and it will be within a mutherfucking 64th of a mutherfucking inch. Anywho, after the mixer, my signal goes into a Peavey Classic 120 tube amp. From there to the speakers we spoke of already. I'm using some shitty mic that I've been carting around for years and years. Probably need to upgrade that shit to a Shure SM58. FX is an area that is pretty much whack. Yeah, I just used "whack". Fuck you, I do what I want. I need to get some fucking phaser on my earth-bound voice and launch that shit into orbit. Stoner Rawk is just not quite right with dry vox. I don't make the rules, but if I did, FX on the vocal track would be non-negotiable. When I close my eyes, I see black and pink fractal light shows in the shape of a guitar and half-stack.
This is the bullshit I'm currently suffering through.(The struggle is real!!!!)

This is the upgrade I will be employing today, to make my shit KICK-ASS!

As you can see from my words and pictures, life is being lived, and the only reason you are not hearing about it more often is because my interweb situation is about as fucked up as Donald Trump and his daughter giving each other "back rubs" after a long day of lying. That is about all for now, but remember, time is a finite resource...Treat it as such.

Monday, June 27, 2016


Not sure about where you are, but here, it is Fan-Fucking-Tastic! Been a poopy start to summer until today. Today got it right. I am down at the library with Frizzo. We had to meet a couple of fools to collect some fetta. I'm jamming some Supercell oldies on MySpace and using the free wifi. Later, we are going to the big city to meet up with our Latino friend for some good old fashioned international diplomacy. Even later than that, back to world headquarters to finish off the studio improvements and lay some tracks. I spent a couple of hours yesterday tuning the drums and the sound is what can only be described as "tight". Also got some of those neoprene dampening pads for the top of the drums. Usually used to keep the sound down when practicing, but Frizzo loves the way they play, so we may incorporate them into a touchy-feely type slow dance song. Stay tuned. The M's took 2 out of 3 from the Cardinals over the weekend, so they are on the mend. I have gotten a shit-load done as far as getting the rest of my stuff out of the office. Then my sniveling little piss-ass of a brother can have the whole place to himself. He can work there, live there and die there. I got my boat motor back from Mage and it runs like a top. A gas powered, 2 stroke, top. Can't wait to get out on the water and do some fishing, might even have the juice to get out on the Sound and track down some salmon. Just popped into my head that we may be headed to the property, Leavenworth, and Lake Chelan over the 4th of July! I met this hippy chick on Offer-Up. I sold her my extensive Tarot card collection. Well, we got to talking, and she had some Cubensis. She was going to look into some for me. That would be perfect. Probably cannot afford to drive the motorhome, but, come to think of it, probably can't afford not to. We'll see how the money shakes out. Well, Frizzo is hangry, and just scored Shayla's EBT card. So I'm gonna make like the Republican Party and split! P.S. Fuck you to Trump and all his little flunkies.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Friday From B and Frizzo

Down at the library, listening to Supercell on Myspace, and bloggin my Goddamned ass off. That is the kind of dedicated Mutherfucker I am. You're welcome. Let's see, what's new? Oh yeah, Frizzo got robbed at gunpoint Wednesday night and 200 dollars worth of company product disappeared without reimbursement. Yeah, I guess that's the textbook definition of "robbed". We will endure. We are nothing if not dedicated. Been jammin and moving the rest of my shit to my house. Got "The Shed" all pimped out. Ready for action. Next move? The hot tub!!!! Also, I've picked out the next song for recording.....Wait for it....Out Of My Mind! Stay tuned. In other news...Fucking rain. Fucking M's. Fucking Trump. Okay, that's all the news that's fit to spit. Peace and DEATH TO TRUMP!