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brandensbaked was born in the year of revolution, during an undisclosed "free love" decade. His views were formed at the alter of "hair metal" and by parents that were too lazy to force religious beliefs on his impressionable mind...It's sad really. He had to form his own views. Brandensbaked is the creative force behind "SuperCell" a BIG DEAL in the Clover Valley music scene, played guitar in "Bonedawgs" , "Banner Jump", and "Musclefuzz". He is proficient in all the manly arts, like construction, mechanics, and combat gardening. Possibly an immortal...Time will tell.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Seahawks to appear on Maury....

Jesus.  I was led to believe that my Hawks were mentally bulletproof.  I must admit, the Percy Harvin trade felt like a punch in the gut.  Things seemed to get worse by the day.  Now, peoples tongues are wagging 'bout my main man, Russel Wilson.  Is he black enough?  I'm not willing to risk letting him loose in the streets of Ferguson that's for sure.  He is well spoken.  Does that make him un-black?  Or does that threaten the Ebonics speaking  thugs.  I don't know, nor do I give a fuck.  What I care about is WINS.  Let's put this petty bullshit behind us and put a beat down on Carolina.  That will be the salve on this herpe of a week.  Any who, in other news, I got a new Tivo HD DVR tuner today and it rocks.  I'm getting all of the channels.  All of them. Shhhhhhh. Don't tell anyone, y'hear?  In voting news, I turned in my ballot.  Voted DEMOCRAT all the way across.  Fuck you republican cunts.  In weather, HOLY SHIT A TORNADO TOUCHED DOWN IN WASHINGTON!!!!! You're all caught up on the news that's fit to spit.....Peace and titties fools.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seahawks Enrolled In Special Ed

The Rams special teams did in the Hawks, single-handedly back handing the champs who were handed their second straight loss.  Also, my reign as the worst fantasy football manager evah, yeah, that's still intact.  My UW Huskies got their asses kicked.  SK Wolves are horrible.  Enough football.  The weather? Fan-fucking-tastic. Sunny and 66*.  In my old life, I would be trimming up some huge kolas of some super fine Frieze.  I used to grow one out back by the bamboo every summer, and get about a pound of kind nugs yo.  In my new life, I'm growing bored.  I have way over a pound of that shit too yo.  I have to go to 3 AA or NA meetings every week. Weak.  Ever seen the movie "Fight Club"?  Well, I'm about to break the rules, and talk about "Fight Club".  Remember when Ed Norton Jr. can't sleep?  He starts going to all those 12 step meetings?  Yeah, that's exactly what a lame ass 12 step meeting is like, without all the editing.  Punishing.  Cult.  Brainwashing.  Reprogramming.  Well, this mutherfucker can reprogram his-self. I don't buy into all Bill W..hatever his name is's bullshit.  But, I signed on for this, so I will see it through.  That is the kind of stand up mutherfucker I am.  186 days until I get my mojo back.  Peace and titties.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Remember The End Of The World....

That never showed....12-12-12?  Better late than never eh?  As the new Ebola infections reach 10000 per week, that post-apocalyptic wasteland we were promised is closer than ever!  Time to dust off the bio suit and re-stock the bomb shelter with top ramen.  I like a half of a cup of frozen corn and a scrambled egg dropped in my ramen to make a fun and easy meal for around 1 dollar. I am also accepting applications for breeders to help create the workforce we will need to rebuild.  You know I like to keep a positive attitude, so here are some benefits to the coming pandemic....The weight I've gained looks like a survival strategy.  The population retraction will reduce greenhouse gasses.  I won't have to go to those fucking AA meetings.  My crappy credit score won't matter.  And finally, the best reason to embrace the Ebola epidemic? The fall of the corporate elite and the destruction of their lackeys, our shitty government!  Check back often for survival tips and all the news that's fit to spit.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Hawks eclipse Washington

Russel Wilson is da shiiit yo.  The Hawks did what they were supposed to.  Saturday was the craziest fucking day of college football evah!  Loved seeing Sark get his dreams crushed. Yeah, I'm fucking petty...So sue me.  Got my ass handed to me in stupid-assed-fantasy-fagball.  Hmmm. I just used "ass" and "fag" in the same sentence and nobody got violated.  Except my fantasy football dreams, they got turned out.  The weather here is dreamy. Another kick-ass foggy morning, sunny afternoon.  Brace yourself....The rain's a comin'.  Alerievae is totally being an Untcae.  An all too common recurring phenomena.  My Southwest Chipoltle Chili turned out perfect!  All the homies were diggin it at the Monday Night Football sausage party.  I need cymbals for my drum set.  Lunar eclipse tonight. You have been updated. BDawg has left the building.......198 days 'til I'm back.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dawgs Fall and Fall Shines

Fucking Huskies! Had every opportunity to win this one. WTF was up with that fake punt?  Hmmmm. Not sure, but it sucked.  A lot of football to be played yo.  M's are hanging by a thread. If Oakland wins again or we lose again it's over.  No Seahawks this week.  I'm still looking for my first win in my fantasy league, Mac attacks minions. The weather is fucking awesome today.  Sunny and 66.  Today is day 438 of my sobriety experiment. 209 days until I get my mojo back. Peace and titties yo.